What makes Mexia one of the greatest places to work in Australia?

06 February, 2017 by Rebecca McDonald

We all believe that life is too short to drag your feet into work everyday. As such, we want Mexia to be a place where talented people flourish – professionally and personally – and a part of their careers that they look back on fondly.

Therefore, we are incredibly proud of the fact that Team Mexia recently ranked #10 in the best workplaces under 100 employees in Australia. Here is the original announcement in case you missed it.

But what is it about Mexia that makes us one of the best places to work and places us at number 10 out of 135 other great organisations competing for the same honour?

Establishing a great culture and a workplace where people are happy to spend their time doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a key strategic objective for our business – we know that to do amazing things, we need to attract the best people.


Here are just five of the reasons why some of the industry’s best and brightest have chosen to work with us:


1 – We’re a Team

We’re located across three offices but we are one team focused on delivering great results for our customers. We don’t just say it, we live it.

Each and every one of us has an important contribution to make. We don’t let titles get in the way of open communication and collaboration. Ask a question on our internal collaboration forum and watch 4 or 5 offers of help flood in, in a matter of minutes. We take our value statements seriously and quite literally “swarm on each other’s problems”.

We love getting together to celebrate – small wins, big wins and birthdays. Having offices near where our clients are makes this possible day-to-day but there’s nothing quite like getting the whole team in the one location which we do a few times a year.



2 – We play big and #makeithappen

We have a bold vision – to be the most valuable digital transformation technology partner in Australia as judged by our customers. We’re driven by a #makeithappen ideology and will go above and beyond to achieve the best possible business outcomes for our clients.

Our business is founded on technical excellence but we know we can’t stand still. In just two years we’ve evolved from an on-premise integration business to an award-winning cloud solution company. Unlike some of our competitors, when it comes to Digitial Transformation, we’ve made the turn and we are accelerating. Our customers benefit from our simple yet powerful solutions and we are recognised by our partners as the go-to integration experts in the digital transformation space.

But it’s not just about our customers. We want to be valuable to our clients, our team and our shareholders equally. That’s when the real magic happens – a business where customers want to enage, great people want to spend time in and where shareholders are rewarded for their years of investment. That’s our focus.



3 - We’ll support you in being your best – and get out of your way!

Mastery, autonomy and purpose is our mantra.  We will help you master your craft, we will not micro-manage, and we will make sure you know why you matter in the success of Mexia and our customers.

Once on board, we will set expectations and support you in taking your role and your career as far as you want to go – in designing your future. You will write your own adventure and tell us what you need to get there. Whether it is additional training, personal development or a ticket to an industry conference, we will support a sound business case and invest in our talent.

Letting you take charge means giving you the choice on how and where to do your job. We know you’ll put the customer first and beyond that flexible working arrangements apply – though we’re confident you’ll enjoy spending some time in one of our offices!


4 – We say “Thanks!”

The ‘Thanks’ channel on our internal collaboration forum has lots of love going around – but that’s just a start.



We value the contribution everyone makes and find other small ways to say thanks and make your time at work more comfortable and enjoyable. Help yourself to a snack from our well-stocked kitchen and then work it off during our weekly Personal Training session – each office has one.



And we love nothing better than a team get-together. The 2016 Christmas party? We took the whole gang and their partners to Noosa!



5 – We’re not quite satisfied with being #10

We’re thrilled in being recognised for creating a great work environment and #10 is a great place to start – but we’re not done yet! We are working with the organisers of the Great Places to Work survey to understand where we can improve and we have our eyes firmly set on the #1 spot in our category. So, watch this space!!


Do you have what it takes to join our champion team?

The ideal Mexian is a rare breed of person – what we call a Unicorn – and displays professional excellence, passion, intellect, a strong work ethic and, most importantly, is someone we enjoy spending time with. We’re looking for exceptional technical skills and a business acumen that wows our clients.

If this sounds like you, we need to chat! We’re looking to grow the team in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane!


Want to work with Mexia?


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