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29 June, 2018 by Mexia


Technical excellence is so important for our branding - both from our customer perspective and in attracting new talent.

We celebrate technical excellence as it is one of Mexia's pillars in our strategy (to be known as the World’s Best Microsoft Integration Consultancy). Investing in our IP means we actively support the learning & development of our Unicorns to achieve mastery in their career. Their technical excellence in everything we do means we all collectively succeed.


Thought leaders in the industry

At Mexia, we are so appreciative of the talents of our unicorns and strongly encourage our team to establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry by sharing their knowledge with other members of the community. We understand that this requires additional time commitments outside of the 'normal' hours of work, and subsequently provide employees with Learning & Development time to plan presentations for various conferences and meetups both inside and outside of Australia.

To date, some of our Unicorns have participated in sharing their expertise at the Global Integration Bootcamp (GIB), Global Azure Bootcamp (GAB - Brisbane / Melbourne), Integrate 2018, Azure Nights MeetUp, APIdays, DDD Brisbane, DDD Melbourne, DDD Sydney & OpenInfra Days Korea just to name a few!


Justin Yoo Gavin Gregson
Justin Yoo Gavin Gregson
Global Azure Bootcamp (GAB)  Global Integration Bootcamp (GIB)
Prasoon Madnawat Paco de la Cruz
Prasoon Madnawat Paco de la Cruz
Global Integration Bootcamp (GIB)

Global Integration Bootcamp (GIB)

Azure Nights MeetUp




Lee Simpson
Lee Simpson
Global Integration Bootcamp (GIB)
Susie Moore

Global Integration Bootcamp (GIB)

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 Dan Toomey

Global Integration Bootcamp (GIB)

Global Azure Bootcamp (GAB) 

Integrate 2018 (London) 



Paul Nichols - API Days
Paul Nichols

MVPs at Mexia

Did you know we now have 3 MVPsAmazing!! But what does that even mean?

According to Microsoft, “the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award is given to technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community." They are awarded to people who "actively share their... technical expertise with the different technology communities related directly or indirectly to Microsoft". An MVP is awarded for contributions over the previous year.


Dan Toomey Justin Yoo Paco de la Cruz
Dan Toomey Justin Yoo Paco de la Cruz
MVP + Principal Consultant MVP + Senior Consultant MVP + Senior Consultant


A thriving team culture made up of some of Australia’s most respected and well-known integration experts, is vital to our success as a business. We feel very grateful to have Dan, Justin and Paco as part of our expert team at Mexia!

Microsoft Integrate 2018

Dan Toomey recently received high commendation for his presentation on "Anatomy of an enterprise integration architecture" at INTEGRATE 2018 in London! You can download the slides to get an overview of how Microsoft integration technologies can be leveraged to reduce friction across layers of applications that move at different speeds. 

These events always provide a wealth of information and insight as well as opportunities to meet face-to-face with the greatest minds in the enterprise integration space. Have a read to his recap in the link below:

INTEGRATE 2018: Highlights from Another Great Event

 Dan ToomeyDan Toomey


Mexia Unicorns

Thriving as a Mexia Unicorn is a result of ongoing learning and embracing the responsibility for our own development. We love to see our Unicorns succeeding in both their personal and professional lives!

Mexia Unicorns

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