Unicorn in profile: Meet Julia Collins – National Commercial Lead at Mexia

20 February, 2017 by Danielle Glover

Most of our Queensland clients would recognise Julia, both as a natural commercial and project lead who just makes things happen, and for the energy and enthusiasm she injects into each programme of work she’s involved in.


Julia has over 10 years’ experience in project delivery in the financial services and superannuation space but her entire professional history has been an exercise in perfecting the art of collaboration. Her positive attitude is nothing short of inspiring and goes a long way to building trust and helping everyone achieve outstanding results - our clients and our internal team alike will attest to this!


Here’s a little more about her background, her role and Julia herself.


Background: A few varied paths – all merging at Destination Mexia!

We love the interesting paths our team members take that lead them to us. Julia’s professional journey has spanned Australia and the UK, and has certainly been a varied one!

A trained clinical psychologist with a degree in maths, Julia decided to give programming and consulting a go with a role at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) in the UK. She didn’t look back! The role provided a range of different experiences, including placing her at the start of her project and business management path.

After 3 years at PWC Julia moved to the Citigroup. Commencing in the middle office she was introduced to juggling production support with delivering projects, the issues surrounding compliance and the challenge of working across countries and time-zones. While at Citigroup she was one of the early adopters of Scrum and Agile project methodologies.

Lucky for us, it was a new challenge at SunSuper that brought her back to Australia five years later. There she managed numerous large-scale projects - including Employer Online (EOL) - before finding her home with us at Mexia!

“In my time at Citigroup and SunSuper I got hooked on the challenge of delivering high-profile software solutions. I enjoyed the pace and the adrenaline and the satisfaction of getting things done – particularly in the fast-moving Financial Services space,” said Julia.

“But I what I really loved is the people element - collaborating with people, coordinating and, eventually, developing people. I still love it.


At Mexia, Julia is our Queensland commercial lead with national operations responsibility

Julia is a woman of many talents and makes an invaluable contribution to many parts of our business. She is our commercial leader here in Queensland which sees her overseeing all customer engagements, including project scheduling, resourcing and budgeting, as well as internal coaching of our project management teams.

But that’s not all. Julia also manages business operations and invoicing for Mexia nationally. She describes her challenge as ‘a bit like Tetris’, with many moving parts. We think she’s great at it!

“Working at Mexia allows you to be the best version of you. I love the fact that you can shape your role, try different things, develop the areas that need it and, ultimately, do more of what you are really great at,” said Julia.

“The size and culture of the organisation means that we all have great autonomy – and responsibility. It’s incredibly exciting and liberating, and slightly scary at times! But we are a really strong team and the support is there from the people around you.”


Beyond Mexia: A few facts about Julia

Julia is a mum of 2 – a 10-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son. She loves gardening even though that’s taken a back-seat during her house renovations. With a varied family background, she is torn when it comes to international sport! She supports Namibia (she grew up there), Papua New Guinea (she was born there), Australia (her home), England (her mum is English) and Hungary (her Dad is Hungarian).



The search is on for more Unicorns like Julia

Unicorns, you might ask? That’s the term of endearment we use to describe members of our team – because they are rare and hard to find. Like Julia, they consistently display professional excellence, passion, intellect, a strong work ethic and are great to have around!

We're always on the hunt for more Unicorns like Julia and are currently hiring in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you! So why not tell us you exist, and tell us you’re interested in working at Mexia? In return we’ll let you know before the rest of the world about upcoming roles that might suit you so you have an opportunity to apply early!


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