Unicorn in profile: Grant Samuels – Victorian Practice Lead at Mexia

10 March, 2017 by Danielle Glover

Grant is indeed a Unicorn – a very rare breed of person – and one that we hold in the highest regard. Based in Melbourne he leads the Victorian practice but we also rely on him at a national level for his incredible technical expertise – Grant is one of the country’s leading experts in the Microsoft Azure platform.


In fact, if you follow Microsoft Australia’s Partner Awards, you’ll have seen Mexia awarded the “Excellence in Technology Solutions Specialisation Award” specifically for Grant’s efforts – the award recognises an individual who demonstrates exceptional Microsoft technical solution knowledge and sales expertise in key workloads.



Not that Grant would tell you any of this when you meet him! He is also exceptionally humble and seeks to promote others before himself.

With over 15 years’ experience in roles such as Solution Architect, Principal Consultant and Development Team Lead, Grant also brings a breadth of industry experience – from sectors such as financial services, media, resources and logistics.

Here’s some insight in to his background, his role and a little about Grant himself!




Background: A focus on business outcomes – enabled by technology

While Grant’s career may be grounded in his technical expertise, it is a much broader focus that got him to where he is today. In his technical training and various technical roles, Grant always kept his eye on the big picture.

“It’s not about the technology, it’s about business outcomes. Technology exists to make our lives better and in a business environment the ultimate aim is to support and enable an organisation to reach it’s goals,” says Grant.

Grant started his career in the software development space and quickly moved to team leadership positions with mid-size consultancies. Key projects included developing a CRM software-as-a-service solution and an automated loan processing system for financial services clients, and designing a messaging solution between Linfox and a large FMCG manufacturer.

Various in-house Solution Architect / Team Lead roles followed with organisations such as Seek, BP, Experian and eNett. During this time Grant led a number of high-profile projects which all had a few things in common: tight deadlines, multiple stakeholders and big expectations. And it was Grant’s proven ability to consistently deliver that made us so keen to speak to him when the right role came up!

As for Grant, he was keen to make a move to Mexia as he was “looking for an opportunity to help grow leading-edge consultancy rather than just play a small part in a large organisation – the smaller team culture and a shared work ethic”.  We think it’s a match made in heaven!



At Mexia, Grant is our Victorian practice lead and a key national technical expert

Beginning his career at Mexia as a Solution Architect, Grant quickly established himself as someone who can design the customer solution, lead the commercial negotiations, mentor the team, all the while helping ensure that Mexia is a successful and profitable business.

Today, Grant is responsible for the technical success of every solution we deliver to Victorian customers and for the leadership and mentoring of the Victorian technical team. As our national Microsoft Azure expert, he also manages the relationship with Microsoft account executives and pre-sales team.

A team leader, not a team manager, Grant leads from the front. He has high expectations of the people in his team and leads by example. The feedback from the team is that they can always rely on Grant to give them the time and support they need to succeed – both on customer projects and in personal career goals.

As a team, we are focused on delivering stable, reliable and maintainable solutions that continue to drive value over time – even after we have left the building,” says Grant.



Within the team and when working to our customers we aim to always be open and honest – it’s important that we establish trust and a real outcome-focused partnership. In any project there may be tension from time to time but – with a common goal in mind – we won’t shy away from difficult conversations.”


Beyond Mexia: what we know about Grant

You’ve learnt that Grant is humble and hard working – in addition he is calm and charming and a great person to have around. But – while very generous with his time – he is also quite private by nature.

There is a sign in our Melbourne office which reads: “Always be yourself unless you can be Batman – then always be Batman”’.  We think it’s quite fitting given Grant is based in Melbourne. As the phrase goes...'We are not saying he is Batman, just that Grant and Batman have never been seen in the one room together'. We will leave that with you!



The search is on for more Unicorns like Grant

Unicorns, you might ask? That’s the term of endearment we use to describe members of our team – because they are rare and hard to find. Like Grant, they consistently display professional excellence, passion, intellect, a strong work ethic and are great to have around!

We're always on the hunt for more Unicorns like Grantand are currently hiring in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you! So why not tell us you exist, and tell us you’re interested in working at Mexia? In return we’ll let you know before the rest of the world about upcoming roles that might suit you so you have an opportunity to apply early!


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