Recap – ACUSG Integration Saturday

17 August, 2015 by Bill Chesnut

I have just returned from Auckland New Zealand, where I presented at the Auckland Connected Systems User Group Integration Saturday Event.

The Event was a great success with around 60 people attending the Saturday event held at DATACOM NZ Offices, I would like to send a special thanks Mark Brimble, Craig Haiden, Wagner Silveira, Johann Cooper, James Corbould, Mahindra Morar and Nikolai Blackie for helping to organise and presenting at the event.  I would also like to thank the companies that helped sponsor the event Mexia, DATACOM, Adaptiv, Theta and Microsoft.  As with any community event there is lots of work that goes on behind the scenes to make it happen, the good attendance numbers for an event like this show how strong the community around integration is in NZ.

The topics present at the Event where:

  • What’s new on integration – Bill Chesnut
  • Azure App Services – connecting the dots of web, mobile and integration – Wagner Silveira
  • API Apps, Logic Apps, and Azure API Management deep dive – Johann Cooper
  • Real life SOA, Sentinet and ESB Toolkit – James Corbould
  • REST and Azure service Bus – Mahindra Morar
  • What integration technology should I use? – Mark Brimble
  • Top Ten Integration Productivity Tools and Frameworks Nikolai Blackie
  • An example of continuous integration with BizTalk – Bill Chesnut

As the list of talks show, there was a wide variety of topics covered with very good interest in the Azure Apps Services and the future of Integration both On Premises and in the Cloud.  Many of attendee sharing some the their successes and challenges in the integrations space during the session and breaks.

All of the talks were recorded and once we have a chance to edit and produce the resulting videos, they will be available online.

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