Microsoft Inspire 2017

18 July, 2017 by Dean Robertson

What an amazing week we had in Washington DC at the Microsoft Inspire conference (10-13th July). Mexia's Ben Place and I spent the week hearing about Microsoft's new vision for the future, the investments they're making into intelligent cloud & intelligent edge computing, and the changes to the internal partner model so we (as partners) are the centre of Microsoft's sales efforts in the market.


Excited: Ben and I arrive to register and pick up our lanyards


It was also a week where Mexia received lots of extra attention because of our Microsoft Australia Country Partner of the Year award, which meant fantastic relationship building opportunities to all of the Microsoft Australian executive leadership team and wider market awareness of Mexia and the mission we're on to make integration a first-class citizen in the enterprise.


Winners are Grinners: Mexia was awarded Australian Microsoft Partner of the Year 2017


Selfie time: Steve Worrell (Microsoft Australia MD) and I getting a selfie together at the award winners lunch


The conference itself is an amazing thing to experience, with over 17,000 delegates and Microsoft staff from around the world. It is incredible to hear conversations going on all around you in different languages, and to think about the logistics required to run an event of that scale.


Keynote: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explains Microsoft's vision for the future


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave the keynote on Monday morning and re-iterated Microsoft's mission to "empowering every person on the planet to do more" which hasn't changed for the past few years.

He also presented the concept of the "intelligent cloud, intelligent edge era" with artificial intelligence, security and connectivity being ubiquitous at both the edge devices (IoT sensors, mobiles, autonomous cars, smart cities etc) as well as the cloud. This is the first time that Microsoft has really positioned the "edge" devices as a first-class citizen, as previous messages have been on "mobile-first, cloud-first" with the edge simply being the access point to the intelligent cloud platform.


A New Era: Intelligent cloud & intelligent edge computing spanning the globe

To bring this to life, Microsoft has laid out the frame of reference through which they see the market:

  1. Modern workplaces leveraging Office 365, Windows 10, ubiquitous user security and device management
  2. Business applications centred mainly on Dynamics 365 and a very interesting talent management platform using LinkedIn
  3. Applications and Infrastructure for modern app-dev and server hosting requirements in Azure
  4. Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for sentient solutions that begin to go beyond the transitional PowerBI reporting & insights solutions

The opportunity is to help our customers leverage these solution profiles, along with our own solutions and expertise, on the digital transformation journey.



Who doesn't want better customer engagement, empowered employees, automated operations and the ability to rapidly bring new products & services to market?

However one main themes of the conference was that (according to Microsoft) only 30% of enterprise customers (worldwide) are successfully executing on their digital transformation strategy. The other 70% are struggling with either inability to articulate how digital technology can help modernise their business, or have tried to start but are struggling to find people and consultants with the modern cloud architecture, agile delivery management and enterprise engagement skills required.

So if you are in the latter 70% of enterprise customers and need to execute on your digital transformation journey then please contact us and we'll explain how Mexia can help. We know how to partner successfully with large enterprise customers, and we can help you on your digital transformation journey.


2017 Winners: Winners lunch with Satya Nadella


Overall it was a very successful week and a great opportunity to make so many new Microsoft and partner connections. I am genuinely excited about the major structural changes Microsoft are making to help us be more successful with customers, and we look forward to a strong year of growth helping current & new customers on their digital transformation journey.

Thank you, Microsoft, and thank you to our incredible team of Mexia unicorns who make our customers successful.


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