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16 July, 2018 by Mexia


A healthy mind is part of a healthy body, and exercise is such a great way to unwind together and have a little fun. The best part - you don't have to be an olympian or a triathlete to participate. Let's face it, nobody has that kind of energy in the middle of a working day! 


A couple of years ago in both Brisbane and Melbourne, many Mexians were guilty of complaining that they didn't have time for fitness but were very keen to incorporate this into their lives. Realising that this was a common chain of thought, Mexia decided that instead of putting it off for any longer, this was something that we could easily incorporate into our working day leaving the morning and evenings free. Out of this, MexFit (Mexia Fitness Club) was born.

Together we teamed up with a personal trainer in each state for a private Mexia session once a week. For some of our Unicorns, this was the first time they had been up and running for a long time... or ever! Knowing that we were going as a group kept everyone motivated and enthusiastic to attend and that attitude has been ongoing ever since. This year, we have had some great opportunities with yoga, pilates and boxing classes!

We have also tried lunch time walks along the Brisbane River (when not too hot), cycling and loooooong day walks!!

 Mexia - Yoga class  Mexia - Pilates class  Mexia - Boxing class
Yoga Class Pilates Class Boxing Class
 Mexia - Cycling  Mexia - Long walks  Mexia - Training
Cycling Long Walks Training


Brisbane’s BHAG

The recent QLD BHAG event on June 2, 2018 saw our two courageous teams walking 33 km through the bushland behind Brisbane to raise funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation.

The Unicorn Hunters Dude Where's My Unicorn
Fran Hills, Tim Fleming, Chris Bradshaw and Rebecca McDonald Michael Green, Tom Vilder, Dean Robertson and Steve H (from Microsoft)


Their soft ‘office worker’ bodies were put through a lot and definitely tested their endurance, but the support they gave each other to make it to the finish line after hours of walking both uphill and downhill served as a reminder that we don’t win unless we ALL win


Mexia - Brisbane Kokoda Challenge Mexia - Brisbane Kokoda Challenge
 Mexia - Brisbane Kokoda Challenge  Mexia - Brisbane Kokoda Challenge
 Mexia - Brisbane Kokoda Challenge  Mexia - Brisbane Kokoda Challenge


The teams undertook so much training in the lead up and their commitment to both the charity and their team members epitomised the spirit of Kokoda. Some great memories and strong bonds were made on that day, and everybody at Mexia could really feel the team spirit and excitement in the air!


Melbourne's BHAG

We look forward to the Melbourne team’s event in October 28, 2018. Some training and teams have been made up so we much expect incredible outcomes out of it!

Kokoda Melbourne


MindFit At Work

Although physical activities are paramount to staying happy and healthy, we cannot forget the importance of being mind fit. In this day and age, stress adversely affects many members of the workforce who are not given the tools to manage it. Being on the front foot with this was important to Mexia, and when we came across a company called MindFit At Work and engaged them to conduct a well-being workshop in both Brisbane and Melbourne as part of our Q2 Strategy afternoons.

Through acting out different scenarios, and sharing what triggers stress in many of us, we learned that "taking on a resilient approach leads to addressing problems rather than avoiding them and enables you to have a healthy level of physical and psychological wellness in the face of life's challenges" (MindFit at Work).

Mexia has always supported a healthy lifestyle and as our team has grown, so have the variety of activities we've taken part in as part of our MexFit club to encourage this more and more. 

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