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17 May, 2017 by Danielle Glover

Here at Mexia, we like to think of ourselves as 'people people'. Teamwork is one of our most fundamental company values and we pride ourselves on working with others, to help others in any way we can. Over the past two years, we have really invested in our People & Culture capability, allowing us to further explore this concept. Through various avenues of feedback, we identified that the team were very keen to start giving back to the community and as a result, our Big Hairy Audacious Goal "BHAG" was born.


Motor Neurone Disease Australia

The idea of the BHAG was that we'd set ourselves a huge challenge to raise money for a charity close to the hearts of our Mexians. After much research into what our first BHAG should be, the team rallied together and formed a team of 20 people to compete in the infamous Tough Mudder competition. In the lead up to this, we held mini fundraisers such as our Brisbane v Melbourne dumpling eating competition - an event that was absolutely as messy as it sounds. On the upside, we were able to raise some extra money for our chosen charity and now have two reigning dumpling kings who may have only just recovered!

During the build up to the day, we also had people stepping into the gym for the first time in 10 years....or the first time ever! All to prepare themselves for an entire day of mud, sweat and more mud - all capped off with the final cherry on top - a round of electric shocks to make it to the finish line.  Were the team absolutely crazy? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely! This was a day of laughter, bonding and our bodies saying no, but our heads saying "it ain't over til' we reach that ice cold beer at the finish line!".



Lee Simpson: Practice Lead & Dumpling Eating Competition Champion


The best part of all was that we smashed our original goal out of the park and with Mexia matching dollar for dollar all funds raised, we were able to donate a total of $22,000 to Motor Neurone Disease Australia! Even though the team had experienced borderline torture throughout some components of the day, the impact of what that $22,000 could do made it all worth it. If it means that one day we can find a cure for this horrible debilitating disease that affects over 1900 Australians, we can safely say that we'd do it all over again. Watch all of the magic (and the madness) below:





Bank Of Queensland: It's Possible Cycle Tour

For many of us, the Tough Mudder feat meant we could go and take some time to relax, but there were a special few who were already up for another big challenge. For us, our teamwork value extends right through to helping our customers' beyond the confines of the office, and we could not have been happier to participate in and sponsor the 2015 & 2016 Annual BOQ It's Possible Cycle Tours in support of the Children's Hospital Foundation. This event is a huge undertaking involving a 330Km bike ride over 3 days across the Noosa Hinterlands. This was a great personal achievement for those involved, who graciously accepted several photos of themselves decked out in Mexia lycra uniforms being shared across our social media platforms! As it stands, Mexia has been able to donate a running total of $10,000 to the Children's Hospital Foundation via the cycle tour and we look forward to an even bigger and better year this year as some of our cyclist extraordinaires start preparing their calf muscles for September 8-10.



Beautifully wrapped by Alex Menzies, our Gift Hamper was raffled off by the Bank of Queensland to raise money for the Children's Starlight Foundation. The goodies included an Apple iPad Mini, champagne and Mexia swag.


Who doesn't love Toblerones?! These Mexia chocolate bars were a great way to garner some extra donations.



Just like the travel bug that sets in after experiencing an amazing holiday, the buzz generated around the office by Tough Mudder and the BOQ Cycle Tour made us want to do more. This has set in motion a chain of smaller charity fundraising initiatives we have taken part in in recent times.


Movember Foundation

There's nothing quite as hilarious as the month of 'Movember'. Here, we see the guys battle it out to see who can grow the best mo by month's end. Whether they manage to appear with giant handlebars within a couple of days or somehow remain babyfaced right up until the end, it's an extremely creative and entertaining initiative to be a part of. Men's health is such an important topic and we were so proud of our Mexia Mustachios for raising a total of $1,263 for the Movember Foundation.


Mexia Mustachios



Leukaemia Foundation

With some of our valued unicorns affected in one way or another by the horrors of cancer, we decided that an additional way of spreading the Mexia love would be to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. We decided to incorporate two of our favourite things: our cultural diversity and a great cause, replacing our normal team lunches with a "bring a dish and donate" lunch in each State. Aromas of dishes from all over the globe filled our office and we must give a special mention to the person who clearly knew their limits in the kitchen and instead contributed a Nandos chicken and chips pack! Overall a total of $402.00 in donations was raised. Although it doesn't sound like an overly significant amount, we were amazed to hear that our donation would be put towards the following:

·         $116 can help someone get to and from a chemotherapy appointments

·         $360 can provide emotional support

·         $560 can give a regional family free accommodation for a week close to where they are being treated

·         $1,600 can fund the laboratory costs of a researcher on a major blood cancer research project for a month.


 YGAP: 5 Cent Change For Change

This month, we have launched the YGAP 5 Cent campaign and are currently gathering all of our shrapnel across May to go towards improving global access to education for children. We look forward to seeing how much we can raise from the coins that would otherwise sit in our car consoles, in our pockets or lying around the house.





Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


Looking forward, we are excited for next year's BHAG which we will be training hard for at our Mexia Fitness Club (MexFit), as well as the aforementioned 2017 BOQ: It's Possible Cycle Tour.


We have also opened the doors to contributing to the community with the introduction of our Volunteering Policy. Social justice and community engagement are central to the values at Mexia and we are committed to encouraging staff to make a direct practical difference to the world we live in. Community volunteering complements this commitment by providing an opportunity for Mexia staff to actively contribute to just, inclusive and sustainable societies through activities with local communities. Mexia encourages staff to volunteer in activities that occur during their regular working hours and that support Mexia’s values. In recognition of Mexia's commitment to community engagement, staff members are entitled to one day special paid leave per annum to engage in workplace volunteering activities.


Ultimately we have realised that it doesn't matter how big or small our contribution is, it just matters that we are contributing! So far that contribution stands at $33,665 to various charities in the space of two years and we plan on growing that number as high as we can.


As the old saying goes, 'teamwork makes the dream work' and if there is a cause that the team believes in backing, we will to go above and beyond to #makeithappen.




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