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28 August, 2018 by Mexia

Hi, we are Jack & Jean.

Before Mexia, and during university, we both worked part-time in the IT industry. After we graduated from our Bachelor's Degrees in 2018, Jack in Computer Science and Jean in Games Development, we thought we'd try something a bit more challenging and exciting.

It’s now been more than six months since we started our graduate program at Mexia. So….

  • Why did we choose Mexia?
  • How have we been enjoying our time here?
  • What can you expect working as a graduate here?



                                             Jack Blanchard                                                             Jean Singson


Why did we apply for Mexia’s Graduate Position?

Jean: For me, when I saw Mexia's Graduate position advert, I was hooked in immediately after I read that they were looking for unicorns. To me, a 'unicorn' means being multi-faceted, and at that time I was looking for an opportunity where I could explore different technologies and learn different roles in the industry. I quickly researched Mexia to see if I would be a good fit and found a company with an excellent culture, a leader in modern technology solutions (2017 Microsoft Partner of the Year), and a great place to work (2017 Best Places to Work Study).

Jack: As for me, the word 'unicorn' stood out as well! Most of the other job postings sort of blurred together, but Mexia was clearly offering a unique opportunity to grow myself as a new professional. Mexia's unique outlook, combined with the plethora of awards was attractive, but they seemed to be after a special sort of person, and I wasn't sure if I'd make the cut. I applied nonetheless and haven't looked back since!


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What's a day in the life of a graduate like at Mexia?

Jean: My day starts with the most important thing... coffee! I need it to be able to work on the big tasks ahead. My day usually involves investigating, resolving, and applying fixes or changes to existing solutions; the whole process involves talking to clients for requirements gathering. During quiet days, I get to work on internal projects like automation and out-of-the-box solution analysis. I also aim to set aside part of my day for self-study.

Jack: It really depends! Part of being a graduate is that there isn't always an immediate need for a helping hand of your skill level, so sometimes it's an exercise in making yourself useful. It's like anywhere else, there's always work to be done of some kind. Because of that, my day is normally about 50/50 customer and internal stuff. Frequently I'll just watch a more senior person while they solve a problem and In the event I can't find anything else to do, I can just fall back to doing some learning & development which is great!



 What opportunities for growth can a graduate expect at Mexia?

Jean: I get to work with cutting edge cloud technologies with the smartest leaders in the field as mentors. That in itself is the greatest opportunity a company can provide a graduate like me. Also, we’re not micromanaged which allows us to make decisions for ourselves and develop our critical thinking, not just with technology-related decisions, but also on how we engage with the clients. Mexia also provides everyone opportunities to upskill on both technical and soft skills.

Jack: Working at Mexia means working with and under incredibly talented people. It can be intimidating, but the wealth of experience around you means you'll never make the same mistake twice. It's one thing to attend classes or tutorials, it's another thing altogether to work with smart, dedicated professionals and to learn by actually developing world-class solutions.


2 Hiring Grad Day Challenge


What has been the best part about working at Mexia?

Jack: For me, it's the people. It's probably a bit of a boring answer but it really is where Mexia shines the most. We say that we are looking to hire 'unicorns', which for us means that not only is someone technically talented, but also rare, hard to find, and loved by everyone.

Jean: I’m with Jack on this. What makes working at Mexia enjoyable for me is the people that represent it, especially those who are in leadership positions - how they support, encourage, and acknowledge everyone. Aside from the work aspect, we've been able to enjoy Friday team lunches, quarterly interstate events, team nights out at the escape rooms, birthday celebrations, Mexia Fitness Club and more! When you are part of Mexia, you are part of a family.

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Being part of this amazing culture

Whether you are a graduate or perhaps you are contemplating trying something a bit more challenging and exciting, it’s nice to know that there are companies out there like Mexia who will welcome you with open arms ensuring that you are challenged, passionate and consistently evolving in your career development.


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