I Just Started At Mexia And It’s Great!

22 August, 2017 by Drew Robson

My name is Drew Robson, and recently I became the newest Unicorn at Mexia and discovered 5 reasons why it is a great place to work.



The ideal Mexian is a rare breed of person – what we call a Unicorn – and displays professional excellence, passion, intellect, a strong work ethic and, most importantly, is someone we enjoy spending time with. We're looking for exceptional technical skills and a business acumen that wows our clients.



Mexia has a personal and personable hiring process. I was looking for a new career challenge and came across their ad on LinkedIn Jobs. A couple of messages and phone calls later and I was having coffee with Rebecca, Mexia's Unicorn whisperer. We talked about what Mexia does, what I was looking for and particularly the culture Mexia values. From then I quickly had a technical interview via Skype, then finally a meeting with the CEO and the Brisbane Practice Lead. This really impressed me as it shows all levels of the organisation are invested in who gets hired, to ensure they are a good fit for the company. After all, they will be representing and carrying Mexia's reputation when they engage with clients. A few days later I received an offer and excitedly started my career with Mexia!



Mexia is very welcoming, and has a short and streamlined on-boarding process. Once I was hired at Mexia I wasn't sure what to expect as every company has a different on-boarding process, however I was pleasantly surprised. On arrival in the office I received a starter pack (including a Mexia backpack I use every day) and a tour of the office. I was warmly welcomed with a morning tea, then spent the first day setting up my accounts and reading the induction material. By the second day I was preparing for my first project!



Mexia got me to work straight away. As Mexia is a consultancy, it is my role to be undertaking engagements with clients and I like to keep my utilisation as high as I can. So it was important to me that by my third day at Mexia I was already on a team on a client site, working with some cool technology on some really interesting problems. My team-mates got me up-to-speed and in no time I was contributing.



Mexia is very generous. As well as the perks mentioned below, their generosity was evident from my first day when I didn't have to start until 9.30, and was welcomed with a morning tea, featuring Nodo donuts. I had already met my colleagues a week earlier, when even before my first day, was flown to Melbourne to be a part of their financial year kickoff at the last minute. This event was amazingly catered and ended with an awesome night out, all put on by Mexia. I'm already looking forward to my first Mexia Christmas party.




Mexia has awesome perks. These started on my first day when I was given a tour of the Mexia office. Like a startup, the kitchen is stocked with food - coffee, fruit and chocolate snacks, breads and condiments. I put in my order for my Mexia-branded work shirts, and purchased a new laptop with the work device allowance. On my first day on a client site, I received a 4G mobile router to ensure I had a decent internet connection to work with, and set up Visual Studio Enterprise with an MSDN subscription. Lastly, my two favorite perks. Dress standards are no suits - I wear a polo and chinos - and Mexia provides a 24/7 gym membership with a weekly company workout to sweat it out with your colleagues.



We're always on the hunt for more Unicorns like Drew and are currently hiring in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you! So why not tell us you exist, and tell us you’re interested in working at Mexia? In return we’ll let you know before the rest of the world about upcoming roles that might suit you so you have an opportunity to apply early!


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