IWD 2018: Celebrating Mighty Mexia Women!

08 March, 2018 by Danielle Glover

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them…. May we be fortunate enough to work with them!


As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, it is a poignant reminder of just how many Wonder Women we get to surround ourselves with each and every day at Mexia. Juggling a myriad of roles including - but not limited to - being mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, gardeners, yoga lovers, travellers and more; this group of ladies truly make it all seem so effortless, whilst kicking a** every single day in their careers. These are also some of the women taking on our 2018 Big Hairy Audacious Goal, hiking 30km right alongside their male colleagues in this year’s Brisbane and Melbourne Kokoda Challenge.




Meet our incredible female unicorns

Our star Unicorn Hunter Rebecca McDonald is currently ranking in the top 2% of recruiters in Australia in the Information Technologys and Services sector on LinkedIn and Yani Leong, our PMO Analyst and “Netsuite guru” is quietly dominating our new CRM system and solving issues at lightning speed. National Commercial Lead Julia Collins is a leader and mentor in every sense of the word, whilst managing to balance other priorities such as saving the environment in our new “keep cup challenge” which rewards our staff for using Mexia keepcups instead of takeaway coffee cups. 


pjimage (1).jpg


Fran Hills multitasks project management like a boss coordinating resources, sales opportunities and tenders whilst Susie Moore manages relationships, writes insightful blogs and demonstrates endless initiative, always contributing wherever she can. Senior Project Manager Andrea Elphinston leads several teams whilst simultaneously juggling a million tasks, but still manages to thank her team each and every day whilst Rekha Pushpa, Consultant delivers 110% on every project she works on which often sees her praised by our customers. Both are shining examples of our Mexia values, for which they were recognised at our recent quarterly strategy afternoon.



Ingrid Robertson our Office Coordinator is constantly bringing sparkle to our team culture through amazing celebration feasts and event organisation, and Ale Garza, our new Marketing Lead has tackled her new role head on with absolute confidence, seemingly as if she’s been here for years.   

pjimage (3).jpg


Our first ever female graduate Leah Carroll is demonstrating knowledge beyond her years, working on client sites and excelling in all of her projects. Last but not least, Nethra Krishnamurthy. In a year that can only be described as an absolute nightmare and whirlwind of emotion following the Bourke St tragedy, she is the ultimate embodiment of a strength and resilience, returning to work and doing a stellar job, when many of us may have crumbled in the same situation.

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The unicorn powers of these girl bosses extend far beyond Mexia, which inspires me every day and encourages me to challenge myself in different roles and believe in a life where there are no limits in terms of what can be achieved! 


Top 5 Reasons we love being women in the workplace at Mexia 

We are lucky to be backed by:

  • An awesome group of male coworkers who respect women;
  • A company who has, in the past, specifically engaged recruitment companies who specialise in mothers returning to work and;
  • Has actively worked through advice from us all to make this the best possible environment for females (and males of course!), resulting in us being acknowledged as a certified DCC Endorsed Employer for Women.
  • Male leaders who initiated a time increase in our Maternity Leave policy so that our new mums don’t feel pressured and rushed to leave their babies before they are ready;
  • A CEO who gets in bright and early on a day like today to greet us with a message like this:


Be part of this amazing culture

Whether you are a female in the workforce or perhaps you are contemplating returning to it, it’s nice to know that there are companies out there like Mexia who will welcome you with open arms. With flexible working arrangements for all, the work/life balance is right where it needs to be whilst ensuring that you are challenged, passionate and consistently evolving in your career development. This is why we are currently the 8th Best Place to work in Australia. 


Want to work with Mexia?


On behalf of us all at Mexia, Happy International Women's Day!

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