Still running BizTalk? Get the most value now whilst planning for the future

28 March, 2018 by Mexia


Your integration platform is critical to your business operations. When ticking over nicely, everything runs smoothly and the business is happy. However, when problems arise in your integration layer it can cause chaos - with lost data, incomplete processes and poor top-down visibility into exactly what went wrong. 

How do you innovate while still supporting your operations? 

So how do you maintain stability and order in your integration environment while also innovating your solutions delivery? It can be an impossible task, acknowledged by the concept bi-modal IT that seeks to innovate at the edges whilst controlling the core. 

Whether you’re running a tried and tested BizTalk Server platform or have a modern iPaaS platform in Microsoft Azure, knowing how to protect the stability of the environment whilst constantly improving and making changes is a skill that you need to master.

But if you are still running BizTalk, there may be some confusion on how best to get there – so let's first clear things up.

  • First things first: Microsoft is the most capable integration platform vendor in the market. The depth and breadth of their product offerings in the cloud and on-premises is market-leading. Choosing to invest into the Microsoft ecosystem for integration and related workloads is a safe choice made by Australian enterprises every day.
  • Secondly: It's not a race when it comes to choosing or transitioning between on-premises, cloud or hybrid integration platforms. In every instance, for every business, it's about what is right for you.
  • Thirdly: The most important thing you can do is get solid advice from Microsoft integration experts who know these platforms inside out and can ensure you are choosing the best solution.


BizTalk is still a powerful and relevant platform

We can reassure you, with absolute certainty, that BizTalk Server is still under active development at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, WA, with more releases planned in coming years. This mature, reliable server platform is still the most appropriate solution for many enterprise environments.

To break it down:

  • BizTalk is an outstanding solution for businesses that have a majority of systems on-premises and have mission-critical workloads that benefit from a focus on transactional message processing, process orchestration and API service aggregation. Specialists integration architecture and technology skillsets are usually required in order to successfully design and develop effective solutions. You may employ BizTalk Server solely on-premises, or transition it to IaaS in Azure for reduced infrastructure spend.
  • Azure iPaaS services such as Logic Apps are an excellent solution for businesses that are looking to establish a new enterprise integration platform for connectivity between a range of on-premises and SaaS applications. The cost effectiveness of Azure’s speed to deliver, endless scalability, multi-data centre resiliency and wide ecosystem of related services is truly amazing.
  • Over 90% of Mexia’s recent integration solutions for clients have been to deploy new Azure iPaaS enterprise integration platforms, however our BizTalk customers are still going strong with only a small percentage choosing to re-platform to Azure in the short-term.

The major challenge with BizTalk is finding the right level of support

The main message is that if you’re still running with BizTalk Server in your environment - and you are under control and things are going well – you certainly don’t need to panic. With the right advice and support your organisation can continue to benefit from an on-premises BizTalk Server solution for years to come, while carefully planning a transition to a cloud iPaaS environment at a time that suits.

If, however, you are struggling to find skilled BizTalk resources for both on-going delivery and support you are not alone. While BizTalk skills are becoming less available in the marketplace (as developers transition into different and newer skillsets), Mexia maintains a core Microsoft Integration team which still includes a strong BizTalk focus.

Whether you’re running BizTalk or Azure iPaaS for your mission-critical workloads, talk to us about our support options.

Get the right support for your mission critical workloads


Gain confidence now and receive the guidance you need into the future

Mexia’s skills sweetspot lies in Azure iPaaS and BizTalk Sever, in fact, we are Microsoft Australia’s Partner of the Year, and a multi award winner purely for the work we have done with Microsoft integration, BizTalk and Azure.

We don’t say this to blow our own trumpet but to let you know, in no uncertain terms, that we are the partner who can provide the unique skills around BizTalk Server and Azure iPaaS.

If your integration platform is a source of current concern, or you are simply aware of the changing landscape and want solid, expert advice, please get in touch. We will take you through all the best available options (including staying right where you are if needed) to ensure you can manage the complex balance between technology uptake / innovation / agility and essential stability for your business-critical platforms.

There may of course also be circumstances where you have a more urgent requirement to gain access to the benefits of faster time-to-delivery and lower operating costs of Azure iPaaS-based solutions.  In which case now may be the time to start planning the migration and execution process. If you’re not sure where to start contact us or download our introductory migration checklist by clicking the button below. 

Download our Biztalk to Azure iPaaS checklist


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