BizTalk Continuous Deployment with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

22 February, 2016 by Bill Chesnut

This blog post is to go along with my Integration Monday talk:


Modification to the BTDF EnvironmentSettings.xml file required for VSTS Release Management

Add a Column for Release Management with Settings File Name: Exported_RMSettings.xml, add #{} around the name of the settings for use by Release Management

Steps to Create A Release in VSTS

Open the VSTS Team Project that the BizTalk Solution is in, go to the Release Tab
Click the + to create a new release definition
Select Empty

Click OK

Enter the Name for the Release Definition
Click Save
Click Artifacts
Click Link an artifact source
Select the Project and Build

Click Link

Click Configuration
Click Triggers

Note: current solution is not using any global configuration variables

Click General

Note: current solution is not using Continuous deployment, this will depend you client requirements

Take default for Release name format

Click History

History will show changes to the release definition and includes a diff function

Click Environments

Overtype the name of the environment, this sample uses Test
Right click on the ellipse

Click Assign Approvers

Click OK

Note: It is possible to have a pre and post deployment approver for the release

Right click on the ellipse

Click Agent options

Select “Default” for Default queue, add environment equals test to the Demands

Click OK

Note: Via the Demands we can control what machine the deployment goes to

Right click on the ellipse

Click Configure variables

Enter the Name of the Settings from the EnvironmentSettings.xml and the values for the Test environment

Click OK

Right click on the ellipse

Click Security

Take the default

Click Close

Note: This is where permissions are set on who can do what around the release definition

Configure as Shown

Click the pencil at the end of the name

Click Save
Click Add task
Select PowerShell, Click Add

Click Close

Click the ellipse at the end of the Script filename
Expand the Build, Expand the drop and select InstallBizTalkApplication.ps1

Click OK

Click Save
Click Release, Select Create Release C:\Users\BCHESN~1.CHE\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTML1c46674.PNG
Select the build that is to be released, Select the environment that it is to be released to

Click Create

The Release has been queued
Double Click on the Relapse to view it progress
This release has completed successfully

Click Close


Thanks for your time and I look forward to helping people on their BizTalk CI & CD journey

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