A New Era: Mexia Is Joining Deloitte!

25 September, 2018 by Dean Robertson

Mat and I are beyond excited to announce our amazing team at Mexia will be joining forces with Deloitte on the 08th of October, 2018. This news has also been announced by Deloitte today.

Deloitte is the largest, most successful and fastest-growing professional services firm in the world.  Deloitte's clarity of vision and purpose to “make an impact that matters” and their award-winning culture means there is no better organisation for Mexia to be joining.

Mexia will be joining Deloitte’s Platform Engineering (DPE) group, adding our award-winning Microsoft iPaaS, API and devops capabilities to their existing AWS and Google cloud capabilities.  Together DPE will create the most capable enterprise multi-cloud platform engineering team in Australia, if not globally.  DPE's mantra is to solve the wickedest multi-cloud integration, IoT, cyber-security, data analytics and machine learning problems for some of the world’s best companies.  If DPE can't solve your platform problem, it can't be solved.

On behalf of everyone at Mexia, we would like to thank our customers for supporting and trusting Mexia for the past 10 years. Mexia has always been a customer-focused consultancy and that does not change in Deloitte.  We look forward to continuing to support your digital transformation journey into the future, bringing the formidable capabilities of the global Deloitte organisation to solve your wickedest platform problems.

We also thank our incredibly talented and dedicated unicorns at Mexia, without whom there would be no #TeamMexia.  Our fun-loving commitment to technical and delivery excellence is a great cultural fit with Deloitte, providing a deep and unbounded ocean of opportunity for career growth for us all.

Finally, a warm and heartfelt thank you from Mat and I to our families for their unswerving support over the past 10 years.  We could not have grown and led Mexia to be the award-winning team that it is today without your willingness to support our dreams.

Thank you all, thank you Deloitte, and thank you Mexia.

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